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>> Saturday, November 6, 2010

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This tutorial was written by me on 6 November 2010. Any similarity to other tutorials is not intentional.


Tube and close up of Choice. The art I am using is ©Robert Alvarado. In order to use the tube you must purchase it and have the appropriate license to use it from MPT.

I used a gorgeous mini kit by Teresa, which you can download HERE Scroll down, it's right at the bottom of the page, or it is at the time I'm writing this!

Filters - Xero Porcelain and Radiance, Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow

Font of choice, I used Mon Amour Script

Let's start!

Open a new canvas 700 x 700, floodfill white.

Copy and paste doodle frame 1, re-size 80%. Using your magic wand, click inside the frame, selections modify, expand by 4. Copy and paste paper 5. Selections, invert, delete. Move the paper under the frame layer. Don't deselect yet. Copy and paste your close up tube, and place below your frame layer. Select none. Effects, Xero Porcelain, with the default settings, but change the blue channel to 0. Duplicate. On the copy adjust blur, gaussian blur 3. Change the blend mode to soft light, drop shadow the original.

Copy and paste your main tube. Effects, Xero Radance with default settings.

Copy and paste Glitter rings 01, re-size 80%, image mirror.

Copy and paste Tag (red one), re-size 80% twice. Move to the left of your tag, drop shadow.

Copy and paste the tree, move to the right, re-size 80% twice, drop shadow.

Copy and paste the sparkles, image flip.

Copy and paste flower 1, re-size 25%, drop shadow. Place towards the bottom of your tag. Duplicate, move over & up a bit.

Copy and paste ribbon 2, re-size 80%, drop shadow.

Copy and paste heart 1, re-size 20%, drop shadow.

Duplicate your flower 1, re-size 80%, see mine for placement.

Copy and paste button 2, re-size 30%, place on the little heart, drop shadow.

Copy and paste a butterfly, re size 30%, rotate right 10, drop shadow.

Add your name. I used gradient glow on mine choosing a colour from my tube.

Close your white background layer & crop merged opaque. Re-size tag to whatever you like, I usually use just under 600 x 600.

Now, add your artists credits and you are finished!!


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