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>> Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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This tutorial was written by me on 13 June 2011. Any similarity to other tutorials is not intentional.


Tube of Choice. I am using an awesome Pics for Design (PFD) artist, Zlata M. If you want to use the same tube you must purchase it, and a license to use it at PFD

Scrapkit - I used TammyKat's part of a fabulous collab which you can buy from Pimp My Tags Thanks TK!!

Template - I used a template called Punk Rock Princess by Cakes, which you can download HERE Have a look around, she has some cool templates!

Filters - Xero Porcelain , ye Candy 4000 gradient glow.

Font of choice, I used Sick Capital Vice.

Let's start!

Open the template in psp, shift D to duplicate it and close the original. Delete the top credit layer and the wordart layers. This template is a little bit off center, so I balanced it by first cropping the tag & then re-sizing the canvas - this is up to you.

I have recently started to copy and paste my tube before I start my tag so that I can see better where I want to place things. So, copy and paste your tube as the top layer on your canvas. Effets, Xero Porcelain with the softness on 15 and the blue channel on 0. Other settings at default.

Next I move to the bottom layer when I use templates. What I do is - selections, select all, float, defloat and either copy and paste a paper or make a new layer and fill with a colour or gradient. If using a paper, I then apply selections, invert delete, and delete the original layer. If I use a gradient then I still delete the original layer. If a paper is larger the canvas, make sure to crop merged opaque to delete the overhang. Of you could merge visible at the end and crop.

Here is what I did for this tag:
Layer 10 - checkpaper 1
Layer 9 - checkpaper 4
Layers 7 % 8 - new raster layer, fill with a gradient to match your tube
Layer 6 - heartpaper 2
Layer 5 - greenpaper
Layer 4 - pinkpaper
Layer 3 - whitepaper
Layer 2 - purplepaper
Layer 1 - You might want to change the colour to suit your tube, I didn't have to. I just added some noise & a drop shadow.

Copy and paste the chequered heart. Re-size 35%. Rotate left 15.

Copy and paste flairskull 1. Re-size 70%

Copy and paste bannerwhite, re-size 65%

Copy and paste skull3, re-size 40%

Copy and paste ribbonpurple.

Copy and paste one of the heartwings elements. Re-size 60%

Copy and paste one of the razor blades, re-size 25%

Copy and paste background2 behind the other layers.

Add one of the wordarts, re-size 80%

Add some sparkles!!!

Add your name and give it a gradient glow.

Add your artist's copyright & you're finished!


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