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>> Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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This tutorial was written by me on 5 September 2012. Any similarity to other tutorials is not intentional.

Tube and close up of choice. I am using a fantastic tube by José Cano. If you want to use the same tube you can purchase it, and a license to use it at Scraps and the City

Scrapkit - I used an awesome PTU kit by Inzpired Creationz which you can also purchase at Scraps and the City. Thanks Nicky!!

Template - I used AR315_Template54. This awesome template is by Aqua, and you can download it HERE. Just scroll down to My Personal links a little on the left side. You want template 54.

Don't forget to leave some love when you download!

Filters - Xero Radiance and Porcelain and Eye Candy Gradient Glow if you like it!

Font of choice, I used 2Peas Precious One.

Let's start!

Open your template, shift D to Duplicate and delete the original. Close the background layer and crop tag. Image, canvas size 730 x 566 and under placement, click on the bottom left arrow to allow room for the tube to be placed on the right.

Open the background layer again.

Copy and paste your tube as the top layer, re-size 50% if using the same tube as I have.

Now everything is off centre! Crop the tag again, an increase the canvas size to 730 x 600, this time clicking the centre diamond to have everything centred. You might know an easier way to do all this, so do that instead!

Increase the mask layer by about 110%. You can colour it if you like!

Now, use either papers or colours to fill all the template layers. On the glitter layers, I added noise - gaussian 40, and added drop shadow.

On the Black Rounded Rectangle 2, selections, select all, float, defloat (float/defloat). Floodfill a new raster layer with a gradient to suit your tube. Select none.

Float/defloat the shape layer. Copy and paste your close up tube, selections, invert delete, select none. Crop.

Effects, xero Porcelain - default settings but change the softness setting to 15 and the blue channell to 0. Duplicate your tube, and on the top copy adjust blur, gaussian blur 4. Change the blend mode to screen.

On the original tube, effects penta Jeans - 16 and 4. Drop shadow and change the blend mode to Luminance.

Copy and paste stars1 under the tube layers. Drop shadow.

Copy and paste the glitterball above the mask layer. Re-size 90%,
drop shadow.

Copy and paste winged heart 2, re-size 60%. Place on the right
side of the tag.

Copy and paste skull 2, re-size 30%, place on the right bottom of the

Copy and paste boot 1, re-size 70%, place on the left of the tag.

Copy and paste track lights, re-size 50%. Duplicate, image mirror andd
merge down. Drop shadow.

Copy and paste Teddy 1, re-size 50%. Tuck it in somewhere! Drop shadow.

Move the word art down slightly.

Add some sparkles!!!!

Add your name and artist's credits and you're done!!


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