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>> Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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This tutorial was written by me on 11 September 2012. Any similarity to other tutorials is not intentional.


Tube of choice. I am using a gorgeous tube by Elias Chatzoudis. I bought this tube when he was licensed with PTE. If you want to use Elias' art you can purchase at his store HERE.

Scrapkit - I used a FTU kit called Ice Cream = Happiness. This is part of a January Rain blog train. You can download this part of the train HERE.

Template - I used 'Hide and Seek' by Crys, which you can download HERE.

Filters - Xero Radiance, Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow

Mask - Gemsmask 117 which you can download HERE.

Font of choice, I used Miama.

Let's start!

Open your template. Shift D to duplicate and close the original. Crop your tag and increase the canvas size to 788 x 616. Floodfill raster 1 with white. Delete the word art layers (5, 6 and 7).

It's up to you if you want to keep the dotted lines (the two promoted layers) as you can hardly them in my finished tag! You could keep them and re-colour them if you like.

Just a note about the elements in this kit, she has her credits on most elements so you might want to remove those before copy and pasting onto your tag.

Use papers or gradients to floodfill your template layers (raster 4, copy of raster 4 and raster 3). I used papers 3 and 7. On raster 2, use a gradient. Copy and paste your close up. Effects, xero, porcelain with default settings, but change the softness setting to 15 and the blue channel to 0. Duplicate the tube and on the top copy, adjust blur, gaussian blur. Change the blend mode to screen. Change the bottom to luminence.

Copy and paste ice-cream cart, re-size 45%. Drop shadow (drop shadow all layers)

Copy and paste Sundae, re-size 45%.

Copy and paste one of the flowers, re-size 30%.

Copy and past popsicle, re-size 20%. Use your deform tool to rotate it.

Copy and paste the wordart. Add a fat gradient glow.

Copy and paste one of the ice cream cones, re-size 20%.

Copy and paste the scooper, re-size 15%.

Create a new raster layer above your background layer. Copy and paste a paper and apply mask. Lower opacity to 26 or so depending on which paper you used.

Add some sparkles!!

Add your name, re-size your tag, and add your artist's copyright & you're finished!


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