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>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I wrote this tut on 29 June 2010 from my own ideas. Any similarity to other tuts is not intentional.

I am using the amazing art of Ida Larsen. If you want to use the same art you must purchase a license from My PSP Tubes

Scrapkit My Dreams by Fantasy Moments, you can download this kit HERE
Font of choice - I used Ransom Clearcut NF
Filters - Mura Meister Copies
Filter Factory Gallery D, infini tiles, Toadies superchecker

Open a new canvas 600 x 250, floodfill white. Copy and paste your tube or image, I used a close up tube. If you use a tube, you might want to feather any hard edges. Using your selection tool, select the bottom edge, selections modify feather 25 then press delete a couple of times. Mura Meister copies settings below:

Duplicate this layer. Effects Filter Factory Gallery D, infini tiles with these settings:

Effects, Edge effects, Enhance. Change the blend mode to soft light. Duplicate this layer.

Effects Toadies superchecker, mapping strength 54 (best to import to Filters Unlimited). I kept the Blend mode at Soft Light, you might like the look of something else.

Copy and paste one of the frames as a new layer. Image resize 50%. Image, rotate 40 Left. Duplicate, image flip, image mirror. Re-size 65%. See my sample for placement or put it wherever it looks best. Drop shadow. Merge frame layers. Duplicate this layer. On the original layer, apply Effects Xenofex1 Stamper, stamp width 26. Change the blend mode of the top layer to multiply. Lower the opacity of the original layer to about 46 and the duplicated layer to 66, or whatever looks good! Merge the 2 frame layers, drop Shadow. .

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and position where you want it. Effects Xero Porcelain, default settings, but lower the blue channel a bit, mine is at 27. Play around with the opacity settings on your layers, other than your tube layer. This will depend on the colours in your tube. You might want to duplicate your tube, mirror it, resize it, the options are endless!

Crop layers merged opaque to avoid overhang!

New raster layer, fill will a colour from your tube. Selections select all, selections modify contract by 1, delete, deselect. Drop Shadow.

Copy and paste a butterfly or flower or bow or any other element! I used a few bits and pieces and lowered the opacity as this suited my tag. Drop shadow.

At this point we'll start the AV. This is what I always do for my AVs, if you have a different method, to that, it's your tag!

Open a new canvas 150 x 150. Copy merged and paste on the AV canvas. Resize 80%. Image mirror. Move it around until you find what you want to appear in your AV! Crop. New raster layer, fill will a colour from your tube. Selections select all, selections modify contract by 1, delete, deselect. Drop Shadow.

Back to your tag - Add your name. I added a gradient glow in a colour from my tube, then a drop shadow.

Finish off your AV with name & credits & your finished!!


Beverly July 2, 2010 at 9:04 AM  

Love this one and downloading the scraps now....maybe just maybe you can help me be better with a bit of scrap usage like Saskia.
Your printed and have your own folder.

Kellzzbellzz August 17, 2010 at 9:11 PM  

Aww hun, I'm more than happy to help but you dont' need my help, your work is awesome!!

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