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>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is the first tut I have written! It was written on 27 Dec 2009 for a challenge in a group I belong to. It's a New Year tut, which isn't much good in June, but there ya go!!

Supplies - tube and close up of choice, I used Ismael Rac I purchased this tube when he was at AMI. Ismael is now an independent artist, and you can purchase a license and tubes HERE

Scrapkit - Happy New Year by Fantasy Moments, you can get it HERE

Mask of choice - I used Becky 009. Her site is no longer up, but she did allow sharing before she closed her site. You can get the mask HERE if you don't already have it.

Font - I used Mighty Ditey NF

Let's go!

Open a blank canvas 700 x 700, floodfill white.

Open a new raster layer, selections, select all. Choose a paper (I used paper 3) and paste into selection, select none. Layers load mask from disk, choose your mask (I used Becky009), merge group. You might need to move your mask layer around
a bit to get the effect you want.

Copy and paste a frame onto your canvas and resize if necessary. I used element 2 and resized 80%. Using your magic wand, click inside the frame. Selections modify expand by 3. Copy another paper (I used paper 19), selections invert delete. Don't deselect yet.

Copy and paste your close up tube below your frame. If you use a clock frame, make sure the hands of the clock are not up her nose or in her mouth! Once you have the
tube placed the way you want it, selections invert delete then select none. Duplicate your tube. On the duplicate, adjust blur, gaussian blur 3. Change the blend mode to soft light. On the original tube layer, go to effects Xero porcelain with the default settings. Drop shadow and change the blend mode to luminance legacy. Lower the opacity of both tube layers to suit your tag. Mine are at 72 (duplicate) and 64 (original).

Copy and paste your full tube if you are using one.

Choose elements from the kit and place them where you like them. I used element 36 - champagne bottle, element 38 - ribbon, 29 fireworky thing, 78 - wineglass, 27, 17 Happy New Year banner and 51 - balloon.

Close off your background layer & crop your tag. Re-size to your liking. Add your name and copyright credits.

That's it finished! I hope you like it!!


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