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>> Saturday, July 3, 2010

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This tutorial was written by me on 3 July 2010. Any similarity to other tuts is not intentional.


Tube of choice and close up. I used the awesome art of Ismael Rac. If you want to use his work you can purchase a license and tube HERE

Scrapkit : All you need is a flower. I used Amour by Graphics Funhouse, & it's a gorgeous kit!!! You can get it HERE

Filters : Mura Meister Copies, Almathera A Halo, Xero Porcelain

Font : I used Plus de Vagues NF

Let's start!

Open a new canvas 600 x 250. Copy & paste your tube. Effects Mura Meister Copies:

Duplicate. Adjust blur, gausian blur, 3. Effects Xero Emphasis

Change the blend mode to Luminance Legacy and lower the opacity to 46. On the original, change the blend mode to soft light.

Make sure you are on the top layer, Effects, Texture weave

Copy & paste your tube, re-size. Adjust, sharpen, unsharpen mask

Effects Xero Porcelain at the default settings, but change the Blue channel to O. Drop Shadow. I love Lokas 3D filter & use it at these settings.

Copy & paste your close up tube under your main tube layer. Image mirror. Resize about 80%. Change the blend mode to Luminance Legacy & lower the opacity to about 58.

Copy & paste your flower, re-size to suit, I re-sized mine 45%. Drop shadow. I duplicated mine a couple of times & placed them around the tag.

Hide your main tube layer & merge visible. Effects Almathera A Halo with these settings

This is the point where I start my AV. Copy merged. Open a new canvas 150 x 150 and paste as a new layer. Image re-size 80%, image mirror. Move it around until you like the bits showing! Crop.

Apply the same Almathera filter used in the tag.

Add your name & copyright to tag & AV & you're finished!

These are some samples made by friends. This tut was featured at the Zone recently, so I have a few to show you. Awesome, aren't they?

As always, click to see full size tags.

This set was made by Inge, thank you hun!!

This one was made by Beverly, who is a very good friend, and a very good tagger!

These two were made by sherribabe, thanks hun!!


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