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>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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This tutorial was written by me on 25 August 2010. Any similarity to other tutorials is not intentional.


Tube of choice. I used the awesome art of Suzanne Woolcott. If you want to use the same art you must purchase a license HERE.

Filters : Mura Meister Copies, L & K's Frederiek, Tramages Metal Peacocks, Fantastic Machines Paint Engine, Xero Porcelain, Xenofex 2 constellation.

Font : I used BeauRivageOneROB

Let's start!

Open a new canvas 600 x 250. Copy and paste your tube. Effects, Mura Meister copies, Wallpaper rotate with these settings:

Effects L & K Friederick, settings:

Effects Tramages Metal Peacocks (I have this filter in my Filters Unlimited folder, it doesn't show in my Tramages folder) these settings:

Adjust blur, motion blur, angle 45, strength 20. Repeat.

Effects Fantastic Machines Paint Engine, settings:

Choose your rectangle tool, size 2, foreground White, background Null. Draw a thin rectangle something like this:

Convert to raster. Effects, distortion wave -

Horizontal displacement: Amplitute 8, Wavelength 96

Vertical displacement : Amplitute 9, Wavelength 15

Lower the opacity to about 30.

Copy and paste your tube. I like to play around with filters and blend modes to get different effects. This is what I did for this one - Duplicate tube, and on the copy - effects Xero Porcelain, adjust blur, gaussian blur 3, change blend mode to Overlay. Drop shadow the original.

Copy and paste tube again, place on the right side & lower the opacity, I used 60.

Layer, new raster layer, floodfill white. Selections, select all, modify, contract by 2, delete. Select none. Lower opacity to about 80.

Copy merged, we'll make the Avatar now. Open a new canvas 150 x 150. Paste the merged image, re-size 80%, image mirror. Place where it looks best & crop your tag. Do the same border. Add your name or initial and your artist's copyright.

Back to your main tag, add your name & artist's credits and you're finished!!

To animate:

On your background layer - Effects Xenofex 2 Constellation:

Copy Merged, open animation shop, paste as new animation. Back to psp, undo. Repeat constellation effect but change the random seed. Copy Merged & paste after current frame in ani shop. back to psp & undo, Repeat constellation effect but change the random seed. Copy Merged & paste after current frame in ani shop.


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