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>> Friday, November 19, 2010

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This tutorial was written by me on 19 November 2010. Any similarity to other tutorials is not intentional.


Tube of Choice. I am using the awesome art of Ismael Rac. If you want to use the same image you MUST purchase it HERE and have the proper license to use it.

Scrapkit - I used an awesome kit by Missy called University Xmas, which you can purchase HERE

Filters - Xero Porcelain, Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow.

Font of choice, I used Liquorice.

Let's start!

Open a new canvas 700 x 700, floodfill white. Copy and paste a frame, I used element 64 (the elements in this kit are numbered not named, so I'll give the number I used & a description), re-size 75%.

Using your magic wand, click inside the frame, selections, modify, expand by 5. Copy and paste a paper, I used paper 11. Re-size 75%, selections invert, delete. Select none.

Copy and paste a candy cane, I used element 32. Re-size 30%, mirror, drop shadow. Rotate right 10.

Copy and paste the snowman, element 49. Re-size 30%, mirror, drop shadow.

Copy and paste the Xmas badge thing, element 67, re-size 20%.

Copy and paste the baubles, element 61, re-size 35%, drop shadow.

Copy and paste the wire/netting, element 56, re-size 70%.

Copy and paste the curled ribbon, element 60, re-size 70%, drop shadow.

Copy and paste the sparkles, element 12, re-size 70% and move this layer beneath your frame layer.

Copy and paste your main tube. Effects, Xero Porcelain on the default settings, but lower the blue channel. Drop shadow, I use Lokas 3d shadow.

Copy and paste the decoration, element 34, re-size 30%, drop shadow.

Copy and paste the brackets, element 25, re-size 70%. Use your selection tool to draw around one bracket, cut, paste as new layer. It's easier to place them if they're separate layers. Select none. Move these layers above your white background layer. You might want to re-size them again slightly, I re-sized 90%. Drop shadow.

Add your name. I used a greengradient glow on mine.

Close your white background layer & crop merged opaque. Re-size tag to whatever you like, I usually use just under 600 x 600.

Now, add your artists credits and you are finished!!


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